UPDATE (JULY 4, 2022):

Tickets to our annual private "4th of July Fireworks Spectacular" party are now sold out. Only those with tickets (our color-coded wristbands) or owners/guests of boats docked at Bay Pointe Marina will have access to the marina and parking and only those with tickets will have access to the restaurant.

The restaurant is closed all day/night to the public and there is no parking for the public without tickets. Parking and marina entrance will be restricted by Quincy Police. 

For those with party tickets, please only arrive at your slotted entrance time. If you have indoor tickets, arrival is 5:30pm or later. If you have outdoor tickets, arrival time is 6:00pm or later.

Please follow the directions of our parking attendants for locating parking spaces.

The Red-Handed Band will begin playing around 7:00pm.

The fireworks will launch from a barge in Town River Bay just off our deck at 9:15pm.

If you are not attending our party, please visit the section below for optimal viewing areas across Quincy.

Should you have party tickets and have any questions, please call us at 617-472-3200.

We hope all of our party guests and all the residents of Quincy have a great time tonight celebrating America!!!

UPDATE (JUNE 28, 2022): ***Wristband Pick-Up For Those Who Have Purchased Tickets!***

As in all past years, guests attending our party will be provided with a special wristband which functions as the ticket for access to the festivities. 




The wristbands may be picked up starting Wednesday, June 29th anytime between 11am-8pm here at Bay Pointe. 


Wristbands may be picked up:


Weds. June 29th 11am-8pm

Thurs. June 30th 11am-8pm

Fri. July 1st 11am-8pm

Sat. July 2nd 11am-8pm

Sun. July 3rd 11am-8pm


Please see the manager upon arrival and you will be given the exact amount of wristbands needed to accommodate your group based on your purchase. 


*All wristbands must be picked up no later than the end-of-day on Sunday, July 3rd.


Guests will need to wear their wristbands in order to be granted access to the marina and into the party. There will be a police officer stationed at the marina entrance on the 4th and only those wearing the wristbands will be allowed to enter the marina (and the party.) 


Parking on the 4th: Please follow the directions of our parking attendants. They will direct you to proper parking locations. 


Please only arrive at your slotted entrance times. If you have inside seats, entrance time to the party is 5:30pm. If you have outside tickets, entrance time is 6:00pm. If you are unsure of where your seats are located, please contact us at 617-472-3200 or inquire when you pick up your wristbands.


To reiterate, while seating on property is guaranteed with your ticket purchase, as noted previously we cannot guarantee specific table locations, areas or seating arrangements due to many logistics factors in our planning process. Tickets are simply for admission to the party. All seating is at management discretion and cannot be altered. Keep in mind that your table is simply where your seats are located when you would like to sit. You are more than welcome to walk around throughout the event, dance outside to the band and watch the fireworks from an accessible area outside. We just ask that everyone be mindful of sightlines once the fireworks begin and to not obstruct views or seating of other guests. Please do not sit in seats not assigned to you. You will be directed to your seats upon arrival. 


While you are more than welcome to order drinks at our bars, you will also have a server dedicated to your table who will be readily available to take your drink orders. 


The fireworks will launch at 9:15pm. The band will begin around 7:00pm. 


Food for this event will consist of an outdoor cookout (burgers, hot dogs, sausages, etc.) and an indoor entree buffet of an array of entree dishes and salads. You will be instructed when to help yourself to our buffet in order to avoid overcrowding. Rest assured, our buffet will be continually replensihed. Food is included with your ticket. Drinks will be cash bar. 

Have additional questions? Call us at 617-472-3200. This page will be continually updated up until the July 4th.




*Tickets may only be purchased by phone or in person. We cannot accept ticket orders via Facebook or email. Please contact us at 617-472-3200 to order tickets.

Tickets will be sold on a first come, first served basis. We cannot guarantee specific tables, seats or seating locations due to many logistics factors. All seating is determined by management. Requests will only be accepted for "indoor" or "outdoor." From there, management will assign seats based on party size and other factors. Please note that seating is only the place where your chair/table is located. You are more than welcome to stand outside, inside or anywhere you want throughout the event. 

Tickets are $100 per person (not including 7% tax & 20% gratuity) for all seating. 

Tickets for children under the age of 10 are $50 per child (not including 7% tax & 20% gratuity.)

Full payment must be made at the time of making your reservation. Payment will not be accepted at the door. In the days leading up to the party, you will be provided a color-coded bracelet for each member in your group that must be worn in order to enter the event. This bracelet must be picked up at the restaurant prior to July 4th. We will notify you by email when the bracelets are available for pick-up. Should you need to cancel your tickets prior to the event, we ask for 48 hours notice of cancellation in order to receive a full refund. Cancellations after 12pm on Saturday, July 2nd will not receive a refund. The rain date for this event will be Tuesday, July 5th. Refunds will not be issued if this event is moved to the rain date unless guest cancels before 12pm on Saturday, July 2nd.

Our private party offers the BEST and CLOSEST view to fireworks you will ever have in your life!

The fireworks launch off of a barge in the bay directly off our back deck. We utilize the services of the largest fireworks company in New England!

Ticket Includes:

*Entry to the private party at 5:30pm (for indoor seating) and 6:00pm (for outdoor seating.) Please only arrive at your allotted entry time. 

*A complimentary wine tasting of summer-focused wines

*A visit from Ketel One Vodka representatives who will be sampling some of their spirits as well as sampling guests on one of our Ketel One Vodka-focused cocktails: The Blood Orange Martini

*Guaranteed indoor or outdoor seating (Outdoor seating includes tables on our deck, stools at our outdoor bar, tables and/or stools on our lower waterside boardwalk and tent seating. Indoor seating includes tables in our main dining room, on the water end of our function room and at our indoor bar. Seating will be pre-determined by restaurant management prior to your arrival and due to capacity factors, party size and the popularity of this event, we will be unable to change your pre-determined seating on the day of the event. We will accept requests on a first come, first served basis for either indoor seating or outdoor seating. We will do our absolute best to accommodate requests.)

*Outdoor Summer cookout and indoor buffet of salads, entrees & side dishes

*Live music from The Red-Handed Band throughout the event

*Fireworks show set to patriotic music throughout launching

*Cash bars 

*Complimentary parking

*Private ticketed entry. The restaurant will be closed to the general public for this event.

Please note that we will provide you with color-coded wristbands which will grant you access to the marina for parking and entry into the private party. These wristbands must be picked up at Bay Pointe prior to July 4th. We will contact each person who ordered tickets by email as the date approaches in order to communicate when the wristbands will be available for pick-up. Those without wristbands will not be able to enter the marina or the party.


This page will be continually updated until July 4th. Please check back for updates or call us at 617-472-3200 with questions.